Page TwentyFour: Six feet from the edge

June 8th, 2014, 11:01 pm

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melaredblu, June 10th, 2014, 1:22 am     Reply

Well, that's a useful ability.
Also, that line...have you watched Bane Plays Slender, by any chance?

NitztheBloody, June 11th, 2014, 6:08 pm     Reply

Wow. That's simultaneously incredibly impressive, useful, and gruesome.

Marisa (Guest), July 6th, 2014, 6:40 pm     Reply

Ahh, kinda creepy! And I was loling at "I'M A BIG BRAVE DOG".

keiiii, February 12th, 2015, 7:49 am     Reply

Oh, you don't want to be a big brave dog in that situation. You want to be a big brave cat, or perhaps a goat -- SOME animal that's capable of climbing that kind of terrain! XD

Very nicely drawn, by the way, that panel. It's just a silhouette yet it expresses a lot.

Gazz-Salad, February 12th, 2015, 9:16 am     Reply

@keiiii: "Crave that mineral" came to mind. And thanks!