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Big updates!

Hey-0 hey-0 faithful readers! I got some news for you today.

First if no one had seen it, http://salemartstudio.net/ this is my main website, it has all the information about myself, the comics I do and the art I make.

It is best to keep that link close by because I'll be posting the webcomic there, I'll be doing a mass upload so that it is in sequence with Smackjeeves.

"But gazz! Why are you doing that? You have it all nicely placed here on SMJ!"

Well that's true, but also I would love more traffic on my personal site, ultimately I want most of my site traffic to be going to the website for blog posts and comic updates.

Also! As a bonus, the website will have the newest comic page two days before smackjeeves gets updated. So that is also something to look forward to. When I officially have the comic up on the website I'll edit this new post so keep an eye out for the update!

That is all for now.

posted by Gazz-Salad @ May 6th, 2014, 10:20 pm  -  0 Comments

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