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No more Prophet

Five months since the last update.

Just want to bring this full circle that this comic project has been stopped. Due to a lack of motivation and interest on my part. I am sorry to all the people who were wanting to see it til the end.

Will you be coming back to it?
No, the storyline is pretty much beating a dead horse at this point.

How does it end?
I have had PMs about this and will post the ending here.

Salem and the biker bar work together to not only find her mother but stop the two evil doers in the city. In the end everyone was working in their own capacity to stop Raja and Dred. It is revealed Salem's mother is in fact in the city and trapped, by the end of the story they set her mother free and its a combined effort of mother and daughter that finally defeats Dred as Raja switches sides when he finally sees the corruption within Dred and he just wants the entire plot to end.

Salem's parents are reunited and Salem stays in the city to help rebuild it with the surviving characters thus naming the city "New Haven" and opening the city back up to the public radar.


It was a fun adventure and I've grown from it. I am not stopping my comic creating just closing the book on this story. I have plenty of ideas coming up. So stay tuned.

Thanks for understanding and stay frosty my friends.

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